It’s Time to Talk About It: A Family Guide for Youth Suicide Prevention Efforts




It’s Time to Talk about it: A Family Guide for Youth Suicide Prevention Efforts

Authors:  Kim Gryglewicz, Ph.D., Deborah Ojeda, BA., Meredith Elzy, MA., Renee Brown, BA., Krista Kutash, Ph.D., Marc Karver, Ph.D., and the Florida ASAP Suicide Prevention Team at the University of South Florida, Tampa.

Overview: This guide was written specifically for families and describes the critical and multiple roles they play in preventing youth suicide. Included in this 22-page guide are:

  • (a) ways to help families become aware of the warning signs and risk factors of youth suicide.
  • (b) steps to help families get support and help for at-risk youth.
  • (c) tips to help families promote emotional well-being in youth.
  • (d) strategies to help families build partnerships with helping professionals.
  • (e) ways families can become suicide prevention advocates and champions in their communities.

National mental health and educational resources are also included.


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